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Being a member of Kommunals a-kassa gives you security if you lose your job. We have specialised in your working field and know how to help you.

How much does membership cost?

If you are a member of Kommunals a-kassa the fee is 124 kronor (SEK) per month. If you would like to become a member of the union as well, you pay a fee depending on your salary. Please visit Kommunal.se External link. to learn more.

Who can become a member of Kommunals a-kassa?

There are many different occupations that are included within our a-kassa. Our members take care of the elderly, cook lunches for school pupils and take care of children in pre-school and in after-school care. They drive buses, put out fires, sweep chimneys and drive ambulances. We are also the ones who take care of the animals in the zoo, tend to the green on the golf course and drive combine harvesters on our country’s fields.

If you cannot be a member of our a-kassa, there are others you can choose from. Learn more about unemplyment benefits and what other a-kassor there are at Sveriges a-kassor (information in English) External link..

Terms for membership:

  • You need to work, or have previoulsy worked, in one of our occupations.
  • You can only become a member from the month you apply for membership.
  • You are only allowed to be a member of one a-kassa at a time.
  • You cannot become a member after you turn 66 years old. (If you turn 65 year 2022 you cannot be a member after 65.)

You can learn more about the financial support for job seekers in Sweden from the Swedish Public Emplyment Service: Financial support for jobseekers External link.


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